Murdochville Gaspésie

What is the Gaspé Copper relaunch project?

Osisko Metals plans to relaunch the Gaspé Copper mine located on the outskirts of the municipality of Murdochville, which operated for 44 years between 1955 and 1999. It aims to meet the growing demand for this metal, which is essential to the global shift towards decarbonization. The mine could start production around 2031, subject to the necessary approvals.

Listening to the community

Osisko Metals is committed to listening and engaging with the citizens of Murdochville, the First Nations and the population of the Gaspé region in the relaunch of Gaspé Copper. Our commitment translates into open and receptive communication to understand and address community concerns. We seek to integrate the project harmoniously into its environment, actively involving the community in our decisions, while boosting the regional economy and preserving the environment for a positive and lasting impact. We collaborate in a number of ways:

Town Hall meetings

Town Hall meetings are held in Murdochville and all citizens are invited. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss the project, its impacts and next steps in an open and comprehensive manner. Representatives answer your questions in a spirit of harmony and respect. More meetings to come, so follow our networks to stay tuned!

Town Hall meeting 2023

Le 5 octobre 2023, Robert Wares, chef de la direction de Métaux Osisko

On October 5, 2023, Robert Wares, President and CEO of Osisko Metals, returned to Murdochville for the second time for another Town Hall meeting. In front of more than a hundred people from the local community, Mr. Wares took the opportunity to report on the project’s progress and to review the company’s commitments made following the first Town Hall meeting in the fall of 2022, including the new access road alignment. It was also an opportunity to clarify the project timetable up to 2030, and to respond to concerns about the planned dewatering of the existing pit. Following the presentation, participatory workshops were held to allow the citizens present to express their views on the various issues at stake.

To view the full presentation (in French), click HERE

Town Hall meeting 2022

Septembre 2022 Robert Wares, chef de la direction de Métaux Osisko

On September 19, 2022, 125 people attended the first-ever Town Hall meeting organized by Osisko Metals at the Murdochville Community Centre. The purpose of the Town Hall meeting was to inform the public about the company’s plans to evaluate the potential reopening of the former Gaspé mine. The meeting also provided an opportunity to listen to citizens and stakeholders and to give them a forum to express their concerns and interests regarding the future of the project.

Quarterly newsletters

Quarterly newsletters

Osisko Metals has created a newsletter specifically for the community, which is sent to all Murdochville residents. The company’s aim is to keep the public informed about the project, its importance and its progress. The newsletter will be sent quarterly, starting in April 2024.

2023 – First newsletter

2024 – April newsletter

Community involvement and sponsorships

We have already expressed our commitment to playing an active role in revitalizing the region by participating in various activities. For example, we recently launched a sponsorship program for events in the region.

2024 – Donation and participation in the annual meeting of the Murdochville District U3 Lions Clubs of Murdochville (May)

2024 – Donation and participation in Gaspé RibFest (July)

2024 – Donation and participation in the launch of regional author Jocelyn Grenier’s novel (July)

2024 – Donation and participation for the SEG-SGA ULaval-INRS Student Chapter (July)

2024 – Donation and participation in the Battle of the Prospectors in Murdochville (August)

If you are a local organization and would like to receive financial support from Osisko Metals, please send us your request for a grant or sponsorship. Please note that each request will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Relevance and alignment of objectives: The request must be in line with the company’s values. It must be aligned with the company’s corporate social responsibility objectives or field of activity.
  2. Community impact and sustainability: The event or project must have a positive and lasting impact on the local community.
  3. Within budget: The request must be in line with the company’s sponsorship budget, and the company would like to be able to contribute to more than one well-targeted project.
  4. Visibility and networking opportunities: The event or project supported must be able to provide media or community visibility for the company. As the company seeks to reach out to the community, any networking or partnership development opportunities offered by the event or project will be considered.

Copper pit dewatering technical and advisory committee

In order to access exploration targets at depth, Osisko Metals must dewater the Copper pit. The purpose of this work is to pump the water contained in the pit back into the natural environment. To ensure that concerns related to this work are taken into account, Métaux Osisko has set up a technical advisory committee made up of community stakeholders interested in the proposed work.

The committee is made up of a representative of the Mi’gmawei Mawiomi Secretariat, the Société de gestion des rivières de Gaspé, the Conseil de l’eau du Nord de la Gaspésie, the Conseil Régional de l’environnement de la Gaspésie and two Murdochville citizens. The committee has met four times since it was formed, and Osisko Metals continues to provide the most up-to-date information to enable committee members to keep abreast of project developments and voice their concerns as they arise.

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  • Definition drilling (40,000 m)
  • Studies and permit applications for pit dewatering


  • Environmental and socio-economic studies
  • Exploration drilling
  • Preliminary economic and feasibility study


  • Government impact assessments, BAPE and operating permit
  • Final investment decision


  • Project financing and construction
  • Potential start of production (2031)